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By the same token, every human being has the freedom to change at any instant. Therefore, we can predict his future only within the large framework of a statistical survey referring to a whole group; the individual personality, however, remains essentially unpredictable. The basis for any predictions would be represented by biological, psychological or sociological conditions. Yet one of the main features of human existence is the capacity to rise above such conditions, to grow beyond them. Man is capable of changing the world for the better if possible, and of changing himself for the better if necessary.

Viktor Frankl: Man’s search for meaning. Beacon Press, Boston, 1962 edition, page 131

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Our Latest Blogposts

DGPPN Congress 2018

Digital Psychiatry - is Humanism "Outdated"?

Reports on a press conference on digital psychiatry held at the recent DGPPN congress in Berlin (27.11. - 1.12.2018) have been published in various media.

How Should we Diagnose Psychiatric Disorders?

A new radio feature on Deutschlandfunk discusses how valid our psychiatric diagnoses are and whether they should be replaced by a new system based on neurobiology.

Esketamine for treatment-resistant depression submitted to FDA

Janssen Pharmaceuticals announced that the company on September 4th, 2018, submitted a New Drug Application to the US FDA for esketamine nasal spray for treatment-resistant depression.

Should Patients with Schizophrenia be Treated with Antipsychotics Forever?

A Finnish registry study examined the risk of rehospitalization or death in almost 9000 patients with the first episode of schizophrenia over an observation period of 20 years.
Digital Phenotyping

"Digital Phenotyping" in German Broadcast

A brief radio feature on "Digital Phenotyping" was broadcasted on August 8, 2018, on Deutschlandfunk.
Big Data in Psychiatry

Big Data in Psychiatry - Brave New World?

"Big Data", "Precision Medicine" and "Machine Learning" are praised as the solution of all problems in psychiatry. However, critical questions are rarely discussed.
Sunrise with Cariprazine

IQWiG: Indication of an Added Benefit of Cariprazine

The Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG) on July 16, 2018, published its opinion on cariprazine as part of its „benefit assessment“. It concludes that there is an "indication" that cariprazine has a "non-quantifiable added benefit" in the group of patients with schizophrenia with predominant negative symptoms.
Withdrawal and Emotional Blunting with Chronic Antidepressant Treatment

How Common are Withdrawal and Emotional Blunting in Chronic Antidepressant Treatment?

The problem of withdrawal syndromes and emotional blunting occurring with prolonged antidepressant treatment is constantly underestimated by clinicians.
Crisis in Psychopharmacology

A Lecture on the "Crisis in Psychopharmacology"

Lecture on "The Crisis of Psychopharmacology" at the scientific colloquium of the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy of the University of Rostock.