Munk Debate: Big Data and Mental Health

I acted as the opponent on the use of artificial intelligence and big data in psychiatry in the prestigious Munk Debates.

Digital Psychiatry – is Humanism “Outdated”?

Reports on a press conference on digital psychiatry held at the recent DGPPN congress in Berlin (27.11. – 1.12.2018) have been published in various media.

“Digital Phenotyping” in German Broadcast

A brief radio feature on “Digital Phenotyping” was broadcasted on August 8, 2018, on Deutschlandfunk.

Big Data in Psychiatry – Brave New World?

“Big Data”, “Precision Medicine” and “Machine Learning” are praised as the solution of all problems in psychiatry. However, critical questions are rarely discussed.

How digital is man?

The former NIMH director Tom Insel believes that “digital phenotyping” moves psychiatry in a new direction.