Interviews on Esketamine, Depression and the Wish to have Children

The approval of esketamine in the USA has gained a lot of attention also in the German press. I was contacted by journalists from various media to provide some thoughts about the compound and possible scenarios for Germany. A well-written and balanced article was published by Ute Eppinger in the medical portal Medscape, which has been available in German language recently.

Depression and the Wish to have Children

The article (in German language) with the title “Neuer Therapieansatz bei Depressionen: FDA lässt Ketamin-Nasenspray zu – mit vielen caveats” (English: New treatment approach for depression: FDA approves ketamine nasal spray – with many caveats) is available here.

Previous posts on esketamine and the status in Germany can be found here and here.

Already at the end of November last year, at the congress of the German Association for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics (DGPPN), I was interviewed by Dr. Darja Wagner, who blogs about the wish to have children and related topics. The interview can be found here.