Conflicts of Interest in Psychedelic Research and Treatment

A post on conflicts of interest in academic research, personal interests of scientists and the motivation to build a private company.

German Authorities Approve Psilocybin Depression Study

The German Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) approved our study on “Efficacy and Safety of Psilocybin in Treatment-Resistant Depression” (EPIsoDE).

German Government Funds Psilocybin Study for Depression

Our study with psylocin in depression was recommended for funding from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Psychedelics: a TV Broadcast, Two Interviews, and Many Press Reports

An overview of the press articles published over the last few weeks on our activities related to the research and use of psychedelics in psychiatry.

Psychedelics in German Television

A TV broadcast in the German WDR on the renaissance of psychedelics, especially on the use of LSD “microdosing”, but also on their therapeutical potential.

How do Psychotropic Drugs Work?

A video of my talk given at the Insight Conference in Berlin on Psychedelic Science on September 6th, 2019.

An Interview on the Foundations of Psychiatry

An interview for DasGehirn.Info on our understanding of psychopharmacology and its further development, about humanism and the political responsibility of psychiatry.

A Lecture on News in Psychopharmacology

My lecture on “Hot Topic: Psychopharmaka”, held in Mainz on March 15th, 2019, as part of the teaching event “Psychiatrie Update 2019”, was videotaped.

Insight 2019: Integrating Science and Practice of Psychedelic States

The Insight Conference 2019 on “Integrating Science and Practice of Psychedelic States” will take place in Berlin from September 5 – 7, 2019.